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Sport climbing is a safer version of rock climbing which is performed on artificial surfaces and unlike rock climbing, it doesn`t require the participants to be very thoroughly trained to partake in this activity.
For all those who aren`t aware of what all sport climbing entails, you are in for an exciting treat! Here are a few things which will elucidate the main features of this sport:
- The artificial surface on which the climbing is done is made out a hard expanse on which certain arrangements are bolted on which are easily visible in order for climbers to use it as a propeller or for support. This is the main characteristic which makes sport-climbing way less taxing than rock climbing because it doesn`t provide the luxury of clearly distinguishing areas which can provide proper grip and support. So no more fear of where to step next or which rock to grasp to brace yourself!
- Sport climbing is a sport unlike rock climbing which falls under the category of adventure sports. Hence, while undertaking sport climbing, instead of mentally taxing yourself and worrying about the risks, you will engage yourself in an activity which is all about the strength, endurance, and the ability of a person. Hence, though it might not provide you with an exhilarating sense of adventure, it definitely acts as a good boost to your sense of accomplishments. No wonder it proves to be such a hit amongst the competitive and spirited individuals!
- Though it isn`t half as mentally exhausting as rock climbing is, it does require one`s mind to be stimulated in order to work out a route to reach the top. After all, it is all about reaching the top!
- And for all those who enjoy the feel of wind in their hair, it does provides you with a completely soothing period when you let go of the bolted anchors and are brought down swinging by the rope. In that moment, as you are being brought down, you will look at the faces of your friends and family and realise that even though the destination was at a height, your journey was made joyous by the presence of those standing by you.

Sport climbing as a sport is reaching new heights as it will be one of those new sports added to the Summer Olympics being held in Tokyo in 2020. It is a great time for the climbing enthusiasts to continue with their passion and for new comers to experience the thrill and sense of achievement that sport-climbing provides. So let us all take up the exciting opportunity to climb some rocks, albeit they are made of plastic!

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Pinku Singh