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We Indians are united mainly in the love for two things, one being Bollywood, and the other one, which can manage to surpass all religions and stimulate a connection so strong that we forget all topics and let go off all our worries to only focus on one thing and one thing only-Cricket!

Of all the positives that the British left behind in India, their greatest gift to us has to be the sport of cricket! It has become so thoroughly annealed into our lives that all kids born in India grow up playing cricket in the streets by their homes, and continue to grow up if not playing then dedicatedly and passionately following the game onscreen! And though there are people who play the sport only in their childhood memories, we often see that child jump out in the form of a loving uncle or aunt, or an instructor in the skin of a parent, guiding the new generation along the paths of this sport, towards the 22 yard pitch in the centre of the green mowed lawn!

Cricket has proven to unite us all, time and again, especially when the then Indian cricket team captain, the renowned M.S.Dhoni lead us all to the victory in the World Cup Championship of 2011! And despite all the rumours surrounding the controversies popping about BCCI, and the other parties, we continue to religiously show all our love and affection to the reigning cricketers that make us proud time and again.

Cricket surely proves to be a passion for most of us, and it is not difficult to find people with this common interest. However, it is high time that we stop indulging in this sport from behind the screens and begin to make it an active part of our lives. All those who happily rejoice the memory of them playing this game-of batting sixes and bowling out their friends; it is best not to waste any more time thinking of the days of the past and instead make some new memories to rejoice and celebrate the present!

After all, cricket which provides an entire country and the world with a reason to be so full of rigour, passion and enthusiasm can definitely rewire our dull days and liven up our entire lives! All we need to do is pick up a bat and get ready to face the ball zooming towards us- making us happier and healthier in mind, body and soul.

Recognition or tournament
Team India has won 2 World Cup matches in 1983 under the captaincy of Kapil Dev and 2011 under the captaincy of MS Dhoni. It has won the 2007 ICC World Twenty20, 2013 ICC Champions Trophy, under the captaincy of Dhoni. It was also the joint champions of 2002 ICC Champions Trophy under the captaincy of Sourav Ganguly, along with Sri Lanka.

Story ( 2 )

Krishnan Sukumar

I am one of those guys who can literally turn any place into a cricket field. Be it a parking lot, a football stadium, or even indoors, the first thing that comes to my mind is, that, yeah this place is good enough for some cricket! Playing The Gentleman's Game is what excites me about weekends! The people, the self-made rules that change according to the place, the happiness in getting to bat first, is something that I can't get enough of. It has helped me improve my hand eye coordination, taught me about strategy and teamwork , things that you can't learn from books. It has also strengthened my friendship with my fellow mates because of the bonding that happens on the field, and the best part is, it is also the game of the mind, as it requires strategic thinking, logical reasoning(espescially during an argument) , and also tests one's leadership capabilities. I love to watch the game as well.Watching my favourite players in action,learning and copying the batting and bowling style of different players, rooting for my team(India),the excitement of the last over, and analysing the game and predicting outcomes, all these are elements of cricket that make people like me fans of the game. So it all started when my parents bought me a plastic bat and a sponge ball when I was 4. I used to be glued to the bat, even breaking things in the house! Then I made friends in school and started playing outside, and those 2 hours of cricket used to be the best time of the day! Then I started playing with my friends who stayed in the same apartment and honestly,sucked at cricket. I used to get out on the first ball, my ball wouldn't reach the wickets. But my love for the game did not allow me to give up. I watched the matches closely, observed the techniques of good players, analysed my flaws and gradually began improving and became one of the 'good players'. Though I am not pursuing cricket as a career, I still don't miss an opportunity to play. Now that I'm in college, I get time to play only on weekends, and I do get upset when I see the field empty on a weekend! Though I watch less cricket now, due to studies and stuff, my interest in the game has not waned, and cricket will remain a lifelong hobby and passion of mine.

Mukul Dongre

Cricket, a sport which is not just a simple game but an emotion for us Indians; a true Gentleman's Sport. It was the same for me. I remember my parents bought me the first pair of Bat and Ball when I was 4 years old; a plastic Bat and Ball set. Since then there is no looking back. Like most of us Indians, I loved batting. I was a bit notorious back then and used to run away after Batting first. Rain, Summer, Winter nothing could stop me from playing cricket. I used to spend hours and hours on the field. Cricket taught me what books couldn't. It taught me the true meaning of sportsmanship, to respect the game, to respect the opponent players and to have show honesty and truthfulness in game and life too. On match days, I would stick like a leech in front of my TV and wouldn't move an inch till the match ended. Thrill and enthusiasm, always at peak. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the great former Indian skipper has always been my favourite. His unmatched skills and power hitting has made every Bowler bow before him. I used to watch his shots on repeat and tried to master it myself accordingly. I started getting serious about my game and used to practice 2 hours daily with full determination and focus. I used to play for my school team and always tried to give my 100% on the field. Whether we lose or win, this beautiful game always left me with lessons to learn and excel in my future. But as it happens with most of us, I had to give up my Cricket for the sake of studies later on. As I moved forward in life, the Cricket field got left behind. But none of it stopped my evergreen love for this beautiful Gentleman's game. I still am a die hard Cricket fan and today also my mood depends on the Win or Lose of our Indian team. The memory of the day when India won the World Cup trophy after 28 years still fill me with goosebumps. The festival of win which our country celebrated that day is clear enough to suggest that Cricket is not just a sport, it's a religion for us Indians. It binds our country in the true spirit of oneness, brotherhood and joy. Whenever I see a group of children playing Cricket in the streets somewhere, it reminds me of my old days and in Twenty One Pilots's words I wish," Wish I could turn back time, to the good old days..."