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Chess is one of those few games which originated in India but has successfully spread all over the world. It generated from the Indian game called as Shatranj and has gained immense popularity amongst the Indians because of Chess Grandmaster and the success of the former world champion Viswanathan Anand.

Chess originated in the Gupta Empire and was known as Chaturanga, illustrating the four divisions of military infantry, cavalry, elephants and chariot which are today known as the pawn, the knight, the bishop and the rook respectively. Despite having travelled to so many places since it`s advent in the 6th century, the fact that chess has not only survived but has managed to establish such a holding is all to its merit. The game provides mental stimulation, improves strategizing capabilities and fastens the pace of the mind and hence develops the mental capacity of an individual.

Because the game is not only about making the right move but also about judging and reading the players mind and decisions to effectively out-perform them, this game teaches its players the nuances of effective and planned decision making which is an important skill for all to have in today`s time!

Efficiency in this game also reflects the quick pace of a person`s mind. The only rules one needs to know about are regarding the movement capacities of each piece and some other combinations of moves one can follow. Once these rules are memorised, your technique evolves with each game as you realise your deficiencies and make up the next time with the new knowledge you have attained.

Chess has the ability to help you close your mind to the other aspects of your life and focus completely on your game. This allows for a relaxing break from the routines in your life and also detaches you from the stressful situation in order for you to come back to your life with a new found perspective and a renewed enthusiasm.

Chess is definitely a great hobby to pick. It provides you with all the necessities of a recreational activity while simultaneously improving your mental capacities. After all what can be better than a game which provides you with peace while developing your characteristics! So lay open those checked black and white chessboards and get ready to master your game!

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