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Badminton is the second most popular sport in India which has many a religious followers. Badminton is a game which involves players using their rackets to hit the shuttle-cock over the net across the opponent`s side. The game is highly engaging and requires one to be quick on their feet while simultaneously being synchronised in their hand movements.

It was the most popular sport in Pune and was also called as Poonah because the first set of rules were drawn up there in 1873 which were followed up until 1887.

Most of us can easily recognise this sport since we have been brought up either playing the game ourselves in the streets which we grew up by, or have seen our neighbours indulge in this sport some time or the other. And so, it remains as a fond memory for most of us. However, it is not too late to pick up the rackets once again and prove our capabilities.

Badminton, like many other sports, allows for the opportunity to make ourselves fitter and healthier. It paves way to form relationships and new friendships with the people we play with and has since long been a much enjoyed source of forming new bonds! It is a sport which most of us can adapt to naturally, even if only a few can excel at it. And as most of us know from our past experiences, it is one of those few sports which we can play for hours without feeling tired or bored. Time seems to fly by as we indulge in this activity with our friends and family!

It is a great stress reliever and also helps sustain our interest and attention over long periods of time. Not only does it provide us with time to ourselves, but it is a sport which people of different age groups can play together, proving to be the best way to spend quality time with our family.

What most people don`t realise is that even though they haven`t played the game in a long time, only a day`s worth of practice can bring them up to speed and hence for most of us who have already played this sport in our younger days, it is the best activity to treat ourselves to. And as you will see the shuttle fly above the net, you will be transported to those simpler times, with happiness all about!

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Manu Jain

Playing badminton is one of my favorite hobbies, which makes me feel excited and refresh my mind. I started playing badminton when I was in 3rd standard. The main reason to play badminton was that we had our school principal (who was a retired military colonel) , he used to play badminton with school students . I was always fond of Indian military , so I started playing badminton. Later on as I played well He used to call me ‘my boy’ (I am a girl, but he was impressed by me) , I was on the top of the world as to be called by a military man. Later playing badminton became a special part of my schedule. I also won in an inter branch badminton competition held in my college. Whenever I am not in a good mood , I play the game and eventually it make me feel good and relaxed. It was my dream to play badminton for my country but I could not make it possible. Playing badminton gives me immense pleasure. Badminton is not as glamorous as Cricket but it is more like ballet dancing. You have to be patient, confident and more importantly consistent.