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Athletics is a competitive sport that involves four major aspects i.e. running, throwing, jumping and walking. A combination of these activities provides us with various events that are comprised in this sport such as cross country running, race walking, track running etc. the word, `athletic` comes from an Ancient Greek word meaning contest. Hence the basic characteristic of this sport is that it revolves around competition in various sub-categories.

This sport requires no major equipment since the best aspect about it is that it allows an individual to participate relying completely on one`s own skills and bodily movement. Thus with practice and determination one can move towards great heights in the field of athletics.

In regards to being an athletic, it is very important that one starts of at an early age. One`s gender and genetics plays a very important role in determining the best performance. However, by knowing and using the principles in athletics one can start training to develop the skill in an appropriate manner for the most efficient results.

Since athletics comprises of various sub categories, the judgement on the winners is based upon differing rules and criteria. For example, for the race category, the first one to cross the finishing line is adjudged the winner whereas in jumping the one with the highest and longest jump achieves the first position. Thus athletics provides a range of entertaining competitive sports which can be attempted by interested people and thus find that category which suits their interest as well as their skill-set.

Athletics in today`s time is very inclusive and caters to athletes with disabilities. International events have been conducting separate events for the disabled since 1952 and this opportunity has empowered various capable individuals to pursue their passions and meet people with similar struggles and passions.

The basic format of athletics is that it takes place as a track and field event. It allows for the participants as well as the spectators to enjoy and get fully immersed in the experience. Thus Athletics is a great platform for all interested people to immerse their time and energy in a physically as well as mentally challenging and beneficial activity. So get ready and run on to the track nearest to you to begin an exciting journey of athletics!

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