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Landscape photography is the process of taking picture of the world we live in, the land that surrounds us all. It is all about capturing the beauty of the nature surrounding us all, and sometimes also capturing those man-made building which have replaced the natural aura.

The point of landscape photography is that it should tell a story. It should convey the essence of the place being captured. After all, every place has its own story and its own history. The photographer must be able to capture all of this in the picture so that the viewers don`t only see the place, but the heart of it.

It is not only about clicking the picture of a landscape, but also sharing a special moment which is generally lost by people busy with their own lives. Landscape photography must bring out the beauty which is lost to the naked eye and with the process of including that which is necessary and excluding that which is not.

The photographer must also have the ability to show people the unseen. How often do we pass by a view which is so much more beautiful than we even hope to see? The photographer must therefore show the people this unseen beauty through his pictures. Most often the landscape photographs do not have any human element and thus the picture itself must be engaging and have elements which attract viewing!

The biggest challenge of this photography is that the photographer only has a fixed setting to work with, with no artificial lighting or elements which can be added to the natural setting. Hence, it becomes very important that the photographer have the determination to set out into the world of nature and find the beauty and take it in with a click of his or her button. The aim is to make people see the best in the world around them and make them value the nature we still have, surrounding us. It also helps motivate and encourage people to preserve the wildlife of our world and not destroy it for selfish reasons.

Landscape photography hits all the marks. It allows one to pursue their hobby while also motivating others to value the world we live in. So why not indulge yourself in this activity and find the peace and beauty you have been searching for through the click of your camera!

India Country has a mix of geographic places for Landscape photography which includes the northern mountains covering the Himalayas, The Peninsular Plateau of Central India, The Western and Eastern Ghats, The Thar desert of Rajasthan, Costal Beaches, the Islands of Lakshadweep and Andaman & Nicobar.

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