I have always had an inclination to sports since my childhood. I have done graduation & masters in Physical Education and then joined as a school sports teacher. I joined St Vincent`s School as a main coach for football and hockey.
My main focus is on fitness and skills.
Boxing was my first professional sport, I was the only player who was selected for an Open national from my school for boxing. After which I played for nationals in my college in 1991 and 1992.
I played Hockey for district and was associated with OBA club. I also played Volleyball for District and Zonals and was associated with DCC club.
Sports Parenting is guiding parents of sports students. Being a coach it`s important to guide the sports person on their highs and lows. More than me it`s the support of the parents which matters. I take programs for sports parenting which helps parents to support their kids in their highs and lows.
I also promote Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD). This program is for kids in the age group of 6-16 years. When I was introduced to LTAD program, I realized that over the years I was following the same program in an informal manner, LTAD is a professional program of my way of working 8 years back.
Many of my students have received sports sponsorship and have been abroad for higher studies. I have also worked with other schools to bring sports coaching in their schools. For me, every kid has got his skills and it`s for us to see his/ her skills and guide him/her.
I am also into cycling and usually plan for treks around Pune.

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