Bharatkumar Whaval

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I started playing boxing while pursuing in 1980. In the beginning, there was no such inspiration for the game but my weakness of not compromising with quality, turned into strength and gradually with time boxing became my passion. I played numerous college & state level boxing tournaments. My one of the memorable achievement is to win the Pune boxing championship.

I carry very positive attitude towards life and is always ready to accept challenges. Self- motivation and other such attributes helped me to gain success in this game though I was physical challenged. Once, during Mumbai championship tournament, doctor diagnosed my physical problem and disqualified me. They informed that I cannot continue with it. After the incident, I planned to start my coaching career in 1991 though I faced many problems but never looked back. I decided to place my passion above my pains and coached in about 3 to 4 schools at the beginning of my coaching career. I made firm decision to attain excellence in coaching & administration of boxing. Due to shortage of time and equipment I planned to quit that job and started my own boxing coaching classes. During the course, my students participated in state and national level tournaments and won various awards. To name the few – Shiv Chhatrapati Awardee– Girish Pawar, National Gold–Laxmi Wagh & Snehal Satav and many more. Also, some students started with their own coaching classes under my guidance.

I also helped to organize and administrate various renowned event such as Common wealth Youth Games, 2008 (Dy. Competition Manager), well known KO Cup All India Boxing Championship (Co-founder), etc.

I have been working as referee and judge in Indian Boxing Federation since 1995 and also as a secretary general in Maharashtra boxing association with an aim of developing quality and uplifting the boxing game in the state of Maharashtra.

I have always been consistent towards my career and will always be dedicated towards my aim. I have enthusiastically faced all provocations throughout the journey and churning myself for many more.

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