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I am a member of the jury at National Boxing Championship and the Chairman of the Ring Official Commission Maharashtra Boxing Association. I began boxing during my college years and soon gained accomplishment when I became Pune University`s Champion for the year 1966-67. After few years, I took on the role of a referee and in 1983 I was given the esteemed position of a coach for the Maharashtra team in Faridakot.

I have held many high posts in the world of boxing including being the general secretary of the Pune Region Amateur Boxing Association for 5 years from 1982 to 1987. I conducted the National Tournament in Pune for the year 1986 and have also had the interesting opportunity to take on the role of an RJ at many national championships. Being experienced in this field I juggled between the roles of the Chairman at the Pune District Boxing Association and the Vice President of the Maharashtra Boxing Association.

Despite having studied BA and LLB, I focussed on the passion I had for boxing and did whatever was within my reach to promote boxing. It is important to understand the support Boxers need and thus I encourage them to take on the various opportunities available to them. The Boxing Association offers them with various certification programmes to become coaches and also offers jobs as a Referee and a Judge at both national and state level.

I believe boxing to have taught me many important lessons which helped me to be firm in the society and succeed despite the hardships and thus I know that Boxing will prove to do the same for all the passionate boxing enthusiasts!

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