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Oil painting is a different type of painting wherein oil is used as a binder which leads to a faster drying process and may even lead to yellowing. Different oils that can be used are linseed oil, poppy seed oil, walnut oil and safflower oil. The choice of which oil to use depends on the effect that the artist wants in his paintings. This is because this choice influences how the painting and its quality will turn out to be, and a lot of thought must be put into this decision so as to actualise the output one wants.

Oil painting deals with a lot of technique, not only in terms of the painting methodology but also in regards to the detailing one needs when making the mixture of the oil paints with the oil. Since every new layer of paint on the surface needs to dry faster, the higher layer of paint must have more oil in it. Otherwise it could lead to peeling and thus destroy the painting itself. Therefore, oil painting must be dealt with a lot of precision and detailing. Thus the artist must be knowledgeable and informed about the process. Many artists varnish the paintings one year post the creation so as to preserve it. This varnish can be removed without harming the painting, so as to preserve it better.

Apart from such technical details, oil painting can be very enriching and satisfying to those passionate about this art-form. It allows them to find an appropriate and creative release of their energy by putting their imagination into a forum which reflects themselves and their talents.

Oil painting was first used by Indian and Chinese painters in their Buddhist painting which gradually gained popularity and momentum and has now become a much used method by various painters! With greats like Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh using the same technique, many beautiful paintings have resulted out as oil paintings.

Oil painting, unlike a few other forms of painting, allows the painter to refurbish their art before it dries up and make corrections. It is a very engaging activity and as all hobbies allows one to enjoy their time with oneself and their creativity. So get ready with your brushes and indulge in the art of oil-painting!

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