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Drawing is the process of putting one`s thoughts, ideas and observations onto paper by using a tool to precisely mark the lines and curves to represent the mentioned objects as a 2D figure. Drawing is one of the most popular forms of visual art and requires immense talent to be executed in an exceptional manner.

People can easily confuse drawing and sketching. But drawing is simply a more refined and precise version of a sketch. While both are draw free hand mostly, drawing requires attention to detail, a certain amount of sharpness and exactness. Drawing is a beautiful expression and an important tool of capturing a moment on paper while including your own talent and style to it. This skill can be used in various fields and even in different professions since it is suitable way to express ideas visually.

People can attend drawing workshops to improve their skills by especially focussing on the techniques and their perception of the object. A drawing made by two different people of the same object can be different because of the difference in their perception of it. And this teaches the artists the very important lesson that the same thing can have many interpretations and connotations and thus must be looked at from a new perspective to bring out the most unique drawing! This skill also improves one`s short term memory as a lot of precision in the art comes from remembering the figure being replicated on paper.

Drawing gives you time to yourself by offering a period of solitude where you can immerse yourself in your art completely. It rejuvenates your mind, body, and soul by allowing you to break away from the repetitive schedules and instead delve into a creative field which pampers you and your passion!

Each art is unique because each artist is unique. The vision of everyone differs and drawing allows for this difference to shine through beautifully. So all those who are keen to try out their hand at drawing and enrich their lives with the experience of something new and fresh; it is time to pick up your pencils and get to creating beauty!

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Aanchal Dua

Everyone of us has a hobby which they love to do in their leisure time. Similarly, I love drawing because it is always fun. I cannot imagine my life without drawing. Drawing is a way for me to show my creativity. Drawing is the best way to show your thoughts. I like drawing since I was 7 years old. I still remembered I had drawn Lord Ganesha's image and everyone was amazed by my drawing skill. Everyone appriciates my talent. I can never feel bored when I have my drawing book and pencil with me. Drawing books and pencil are my best friends. I have made lots of drawings. Every year I gift my parents with my drawing on their anniversary and birthdays because they are very fond of my drawings and always encourage me to practice more. I have decorated my house with a lot of my drawings. My leisure hours are always occupied to my drawing book and pencil. But most of the time I am unable to draw due to my studies and social life. But still I manage to give some time and practice to improve my drawing. Drawing to me is something that lets you express your feelings, something that lets you be you. Drawing has become an important part of my life. I enjoy drawing as an exercise to keep ideas moving. It always makes me happy, and sometimes can make other people happy as well. I like to draw cartoon characters. The strangest thing about my hobby is that nobody told me how to draw. When I was in school, my drawing teacher was always amazed by my drawings. I always draw beyond her expectations. With the days my drawing improved and still improving. I constantly make efforts to retain my hobby.

Mansi Dubey

Last year I came across something wonderful, which has now become one of my favourite things to do in my leisure time - Drawing Mandala. It is not just a fun activity but a spiritual practice, which has number of benefits. It represents wholeness and reminds us of our relation with the universe. I suffer from ADHD which makes it really hard for me to concentrate. I tried meditation but it didn’t help. One day I came across an article on how drawing mandala helps you focus. At first I didn’t believe how drawing different geometric patterns can help me concentrate better. I gave it a try, at first I didn’t notice any difference but I enjoyed it a lot. I started drawing them more often and after sometime I could totally notice the results. Drawing Mandala has number of benefits; it calms your mind and quiets your emotions, which gives you the ability to think clearly. It promotes greater awareness of self by inducing feelings of tranquillity. It grounds your consciousness and uplifts your soul. Mandala is a kind of drawing meditation which increases your concentration and makes regular meditation a lot easier. It stimulates your creative thinking and reduces stress and ambiguities. As, it is a spiritual practice it promotes spiritual enlightenment, align your body, mind, heart and spirit into harmony and helps you reach your full potential. You can find different mandala designs on the internet, but if you are not good at drawing, colouring mandala drawings also give same benefits. You can print some designs from the wide variety available on the web or you can buy some mandala colouring books. I think everyone should try it at least a few times to gain the benefits which would make their life easier just like mine.

Vardha Khan

Drawing and sketching is something we do since childhood. For every child, the first hobby is drawing and then enjoying it because when given a pencil or pen and a paper, the first attempt of a child is to draw even though they don't know the slightest knowledge about it. They just like to play with it and that's what makes them happy, just like a hobby. I continued to like drawing since childhood because I wanted to maintain that happiness of playing with colors. I wanted to enjoy the fact that I can put down my thoughts whenever I want, in whichever way I like in an artistic way. The plain paper and the idea of filling the paper with colors gave me thrills. As I grew up, I was surrounded by many books of knowledge, responsibilities came in, just like others and with that came stress. I got so busy with all those activities that I nearly forgot to draw. I tried to think of ways that can relieve my stress and ended up with a pen and paper. I scribbled up the entire paper with lines and surprisingly it did the job. A thought ran through my mind that when these scribbles can help me soo much then why not make it into a hobby. I started to draw again but this time with more passion and I felt amused. it made me carefree just like the old times. whenever there's something bothering me or making me feel discontented, I draw. it brightens my moods up. I'm not good at drawing, I might draw a house with a small window and closed door or I might draw a tree with a trunk that's V-shaped but I draw because that's what entertains me. I draw as a hobby and I love it that way.

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