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Canvas Painting uses oil paints or acrylic paint and a canvas stretched over a wooden board as the main mediums for the artist to paint. This canvas which is spread across the boards acts as the surface on which the painting is done and is often covered with gesso so as to prolong the life of the canvas and thus that of the painting in itself.

The paint used is mixed with oil so as to dry faster. Thus the technique used in oil painting is slightly different from painting with the normal paints and the painter must have the right mixture so as to have the most effective results.

A very interesting part of canvas painting is the feeling it gives a painter. Since one normally draws on surfaces like paper, a canvas presents itself as a new and different experience for the artist. It generates a feeling of professionalism as well as brings forth a much more dedicated effort. Also, since the preparation requires more understanding about both the tools and the way to go about it, people have a greater sense of accomplishment once their painting process culminates.

Canvas painting can also prove to be a great stress buster since it provides you with the opportunity to practice your talents and take away time to spend quality moments in your life celebrating you passion to paint while simultaneously taking you away from your usual activities.

It also lets you create beauty and introduce your creativity in the form of an art that if you want you can use to decorate your homes or even gift to your dear ones. This art painted by you represents not only your talent but also your sentiments, your thoughts and your vision for the painting. It keeps developing with each stroke of the brush and thus lets you improve upon it effectively.

A blank canvas is like the life we lead. It is up to us which colours to choose and which brush to use to paint this canvas bright, reflecting us and our thoughts. For the passionate painters, the very act of painting can enrich a particular day and make it a whole lot interesting. So to all those interested in brightening up their day by simply using a brush and a canvas, get ready and get painting!

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