Not everybody gets to make their dreams into a reality, and one’s belief, positive outlook, continued and focused determination is what got Siddharth Varma into World Series Boxing in 2012. This period marked a turning point in his life and propelled him towards varying arenas.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, in any form and in a range of styles. To find meaning and motivation from it is in the eye of the beholder. The story of the journey undertaken by Siddharth Varma, a professional boxer and a two time National level silver medalist is an inspiring and a thought provoking one which shows us that with determination, hard work and belief in one’s talents, anyone can live out their dreams!

Boxing wouldn’t have been the passion of Siddharth’s life if he hadn’t stumbled upon a boxing club one fine evening. On his birthday in 1997, he asked his parents to give him his birthday gift in the form of boxing coaching; and thus he took entry to the world of boxing!

Belonging to a middle-class family with parents who wished to develop in their children a sense of responsibility towards money, he funded his own dreams by working odd jobs such as distributing newspapers, and even borrowed old shoes from his friends to keep continuing on with his beloved activity. Siddharth knew that to reach greater heights he needed more evolved training and so he began to create opportunities for himself. Determined in his efforts and being pro-active towards his goals helped him reach a higher level. He is truly a self-made man.

Dreams to Reality

Siddharth Varma Boxing

He first participated at the national level of boxing in 2002 and has won two silver medals at this level; once in 2006 and then again in 2015. These accomplishments were a result of extreme perseverance, determination and hard work. He followed a strenuous schedule at the boxing camp and devoted all his time to this sport. At various points in his life he has challenged himself physically and pushed himself mentally to achieve his targets. One such example would be when he lost 7 kgs overnight for the preparation of his first IBC match by running for 8 hours on the streets of Delhi!

His devotion is evident not only in his success but also in his mannerisms and lifestyle. He knows the value of humility and for him a day away from training is enjoyed by running or boxing and he knows only he himself can take it away from him. So with a positive attitude, he continues to overcome challenges and realise his goals.

Siddharth Varma Boxing

He knows integrity, positive outlook, fierce belief in himself and dedicated effort has made his dreams come true. Siddharth is all the inspiration we need to believe in ourselves and our passions and make something beautiful out of it!

Challenges to Opportunities

In 2016, Siddharth got the opportunity to prove his passion by participating in IBC. Since then, there has been no turning back. Apart from all the recognition and success that boxing has made him garner, it has also taught him important lessons about being humble, strong willed and to look at each challenge as an opportunity.

And one such opportunity is the Super Boxing League which premiered on July 7th where he will be competing against 95 of the best Indian & International Boxers in a month long ordeal. He will be fighting in the middle weight class representing the Mumbai Assassins team. This pro-boxing tournament will be the test of his speed, power, and precision which he has trained very hard for. Hobpoint supports and wishes him luck for this challenge and may he rise as the winner.


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