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Melody for your mind


“Music for me, it demands full concentration”. This quote by the author Paulo Coelho shows how music serves as an important tool for improving concentration. Most people listen to music during leisure hours, but, listening to the right kind of music, especially classical music, has a lot of benefits when it comes to studies.

From providing relaxation to enhancing mental ability, music offers several benefits, which are as follows:

Better Memory and Learning ability

In a research conducted by Sapienza Univesity, Rome, it was shown that listening to music by Mozart (classical music) enhanced people’s memory, learning and problem solving ability.

The researchers, from Sapienza University of Rome, said: ‘These results may be representative of the fact that Mozart’s music is able to ‘activate’ neuronal cortical circuits (circuits of nerve cells in the brain) related to attentive and cognitive functions.’This is popularly known as ‘The Mozart Effect’

Similarly, a lot of studies have shown that listening to other forms of music also helps us retain more information.

Improved attention and concentration

Research has confirmed that listening to music releases a brain chemical, Dopamine, which makes us feel good. This, in turn, results in lesser mental distractions and improves our attention span and concentration, and our mood remains stable.

No sudden distracting noises from outside

We have always been told to study in a silent place .But the problem is, that in silence, even small noises from outside, such as that of birds, insects and vehicles, can become very distracting.

This is not a problem if we play music, as music blocks out the noise, and the rhythm  helps us concentrate better

Refreshes your mind

After an intense and hectic study session, music gives relaxation, and diverts the brain briefly. This refreshes our brain, and enhances its capacity to learn fresh content. Depending on the kind of music you like, music can calm you down or charge you up!!

Whether you play background music, or take some music breaks while studying, music’s always there to help you concentrate. So, what kind of music do you listen to while studying? Let us know in comments!


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