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Celebrating our Anniversary with Children

Hobpoint conducting Drawing & Painting Competition at Vardhaman School

Yesterday, we celebrated our one year anniversary! Guess how? Well, for us, no celebration or party is bigger than celebrating with children. The joy of bringing out a child’s creativity is unmatched. So, on the eve of Children’s Day, we conducted a drawing and painting competition for children from 3rd to 8th standard of Vardhaman English Medium School, Pune. This age group of 8-13 years is the best period to identify and nurture one’s talent, before academic pressure takes over.

Our aim was to identify talents and guide them to excellence. Some of the paintings were astounding! The level of creativity of these children left us spellbound. Children have a strong aptitude for art when they are young, but many of them stray away due to lack of guidance and opportunities. This is the gap that we look to fill. The reason for conducting a drawing and painting competition, instead of, say, a music competition, is that drawing and painting materials are accessible to all! All that’s required is a creative mind, which is a unique attribute that young children possess. But often, this creativity gets suppressed, as daily life gets more mundane, and leisure time decreases, as we grow older. Our objective is to mentor these young talents in a field that they love, so that these children grow up to do what they love.

The concentration, the look on the faces of these children were strong indicators of their interest in art. This is because they were allowed to explore their minds. Most children at this age start developing drawing and painting as a hobby for this very reason: it allows them to explore. The challenge of making a painting look realistic, the joy of sketching their favourite actor, and the fun in abstract doodling is what keeps them driven. You can check out the paintings here.

Prize Distribution

Hobpoint encourages everyone to keep exploring their interests and talents, and never, ever, let go of that child inside you. After all, we all are children at heart, aren’t we? Whatever your age maybe, we wish Happy Children’s Day to that child inside of you!


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