Home adventure Enjoy the Festival of Colors in the Wild

Enjoy the Festival of Colors in the Wild

Experience HOLI with camping

As you feel something burst against your shirt, you look down to find a wet patch right where you had felt the contact of the now ruptured balloon. Hearing the giggles of various hidden faces and the excitement vibrating in the atmosphere, you notice the laughter erupting on your own face as you realise that the colourful time of the year is back again!

Yes, the festival of Holi is back to grace us with joy, pleasure and fun and it is time to roll up our sleeves and indulge ourselves in an array of vibrant and lively colours which will brighten up our lives!

All throughout our childhood, the fondest memories we have formed have been the ones filled with laughter reverberating all around, while we enjoy with our friends and family. And Holi has always been one of those occasions which allowed us to make such nostalgic memories to reminisce time again. After all, who doesn`t remember those times when we used to run around the lanes, carrying our coloured-water filled pichkaris and balloons to drench our friends and family alike! And despite the fact that we all are growing older by the second, Holi beautifully brings out the giddy child in us and makes us indulge in a pure moment of fun and passion! It allows us to let go of the restrictions and simply enjoy our day bathed in an expanse of colour, surrounded by our dear ones.

So this year, as we all are getting excited about March 12th and 13th, to colour our lives as we dress our loved ones in a vibrant array of hues, dancing to Rang Barse and Balam Pichkari; why not try something new and head to some of the interesting and enthralling events being held in and around Pune!

One such event is perfect for the camping enthusiasts! Camp Hideout, a wilderness camping site at the Temghar Dam backwaters, 45 kms away from Pune off the Lavasa Road will prove to be the best adventure to undertake this Holi. Being held on Saturday and Sunday on the dates of 11th March to 12th March, is the best time to get away from your homes and explore the wild nature and simultaneously have a unique Holi experience! With a planned schedule of moonlight camping, an engaging nature trail, the warmth of the campfire and a whole lot more interesting opportunities, Camp Hideout is preparing to make this your best Holi ever! They have organised for reverberating music to play as you celebrate with your friends and family and motivate participants to get eco-friendly colours to make safe and colourful memories! And what could be better than sitting under your tents by the bonfire, enjoying the tranquillity of the sunset; sleeping under a host of twinkling stars and breathing in the fresh air in the morning while you prepare for the most special and matchless Holi ever! Click here to register for the event

With such wonderful opportunities to make your Holi experience different and even more exciting, this is the perfect year to get out of your homes and indulge in some colourful and insane festivity! So get pepped up and prepare yourself for an exciting `Holi`day!


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