paper art n craft Details

Paper is mostly used by people as a canvas to pen down their thoughts, ideas or notes. But for the creative ones with a unique perspective, paper has become a tool to make art which has resulted into a whole field of paper art and craft!

Paper art is the process of making visually appealing and aesthetic object using paper as the primary tool as well as material. Artists shape the paper by using various techniques such as folding, cutting, paper pulp painting etc. to create beautiful outputs. These handcrafted results are used as decoration and sometimes even as a source to teach children about certain technicalities which can be portrayed easily by moulding the paper into a particular shape.

The technique involved is precise and requires focusing on the right practice. However with sufficient introduction to this craft one can easily find their way through the process of creation. It is a highly appealing activity which also challenges our viewpoint and mental processing since it asks us to look at a process through the minutest details.

Paper art is a challenging activity and thus a source of immense pride if one succeeds at it. And since the main supply required is paper which is so easily available to us, one need not invest a lot of time and money in acquiring the material and can get to the craft immediately.

The paper art made is often very delicate but proves to be a beautiful and heart-warming gift for your dear ones. It also acts as an attractive decorative item and thus can be used to adorn your homes! Thus apart from acting as a leisure activity which gives you the time to yourself and your imaginations, it also acts a way to create objects which will actually have utility in your life.

Just like our lives, paper comes as a blank object. It is us who give life the meaning and it is we who fill the paper with art and creativity to make it into a beauty. So don`t hesitate to beautify a host of paper objects and give them the beauty of your creativity!

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Vidushee Tiwari

Art and craft is an interesting hobby and a subject that includes a variety of activities. These activities include making things with one's own hands. It's a skill which is being practiced for centuries in all parts of the world and exists in India since ancient period. The phrase 'arts and crafts’ was popularized by John Ruskin's movement in 19th century. The movement, which was supported by many others, focused on promoting the hobby of arts and crafts. It includes a plethora of skills such as woodworking, sketching, origami, papercraft, card making, calligraphy, sewing, pottery, papier-mâché and more. It's a hobby and a talent. Not everyone can sketch or origami. It requires a lot of creativity and patience. As a kid, I used to make a lot of cards for my parents and used to put all my creativity into it. Now, though I am not good enough to draw magnificent sketches of beautiful human beings, I enjoy papercrafting and origami a lot. It fascinates me how paper can be moulded into different shapes and sizes which are so easy to make and yet so pleasing to the eyes​. It's an intricate skill as, more often than not, it entails a lot of precision but the results are mostly aesthetically appealing. It involves making something as uncomplicated as a boat or an aeroplane, which we all loved to do as kids, to making something as complex as a paper basket or an explosion box. We were all artists and craftsmen as children but we lost that talent somewhere on the path of becoming an adult. Most of us have forgotten the joy of watching our paper boats float on rainwater. It is very saddening to watch adults live their monotonous lifestyles and discontinuing their hobbies. I believe that arts and crafts can be a very calming hobby. It can increase one's patience level and focus. I know because it helped me improve a lot. It's productive pastime.

Sakshi Joshi

My interest in art and craft germinated when I was still a kid. During my childhood, I had this habit of making paper boats and floating them in the water during monsoons. I was always very delighted on watching my art and craft teacher entering the room. That class was the most intriguing part of my school life. I was always eager to learn new things. From my childhood to adulthood, nothing changed much. I am still that girl who is used to making creative things from paper, cardboard and other waste materials. I enjoy creativity in art and craft the most. Its my favorite hobby. I have many other hobbies as well but this one is my favorite and close to my heart as it provides me immense pleasure. If you enter my room, you will come to know the creative side of me. I have many things in my home which I have made myself with the help of waste materials like paper, cardboard and so on. So, this is my hobby story. I would like to know yours?