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Scuba-Diving is one of those escapades which can transform our lives and give us a new perspective about the world we live in. After all, it literally enables us to visit new terrains and swim in the beautiful oceans as if we ourselves are one of the various organisms living undersea.

All those who have seen, `Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara`, must remember the enriching experience that the characters share when they dive under-water. Just as we could see on Hrithik Roshan`s exhilarated expression; scuba-diving is an experience of a lifetime and those who get the opportunity to live that adventure, will always come back for more. And even though there might not be a guarantee of you being lucky enough to be trained by the likes of Katrina Kaif, the experience in itself will definitely not be anything short of amazing!

The best aspect about scuba-diving is that one doesn`t necessarily need to know how to swim in order to engage in this activity. So, even the ones inexperienced in the terrains of water need not worry. Since the equipment which enables us to breathe underwater is strapped onto each individual, one can easily navigate the beauties of the ocean without having to deal with any restricting holdings.

The nervous feeling that one might experience before venturing into the water melts away as soon as you are amongst the various fishes, swimming as if you are a part of this new world. People often compare scuba-diving to the nearest one can come to feeling absolute freedom. The sense of being weightless allows you to experience what a bird must feel like as they soar in the sky; uninhibited, relaxed and free.

Someone once said, `we dive not to escape life, but for life not to escape us`. There couldn`t be a truer statement made about scuba-diving. For it not only provides us with the possibility to experience something new, but to also live all aspects of our lives to the fullest. It allows us to experience the feeling of breathing under water, swimming with magnificent creatures. It enables us to know complete abandonment, to touch what was once so far beyond our reach, and also to discover the unknown within ourselves.

So, muster up the courage and put on your diving suits to experience the first of many to come diving opportunities. As it is better to have lived a little, than not at all. And it is best to have dived once, than never at all!

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